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Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches


As coaches, it’s crucial for us to be able to create sustainable results for our clients and on our mission to do so, we have to continually educate ourselves.

I have recently discovered a methodology I personally found to be highly valuable and innovative, as it leverages the power of neuroscience and offers deep insights into the way we connect and interact as human beings.

The methodology is called Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches, the methodology was put together by Judith E. Glaser. The methodology is based on her 35 years of neuroscientific research and experience as a high level executive coach.

Research conducted at Stanford University has shown that 9 out of 10 conversations fail to hit the mark. Such ineffectual conversations are not only frustrating, they are costly. Drawing on the work in the field of “Emotional Intelligence”, Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is opening up a new lens for understanding and redefining what constitutes a healthy conversation.

By understanding the neuroscience of conversations, we are able to avoid our hardwired defensive strategies, and engage in mutually beneficial communication. Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches will help elevate the level of your conversations with your clients, which in turn will produce better results.

Judith E. Glaser is doing a live Immersion Training this November and I highly recommend that you join. There is no cost and no obligation, you can simply join online and explore whether the methodology is of interest to you or not.

Click here to see the dates for the Immersion Training and secure your spot:

Topics Judith will cover on the live training include:

  • The neurochemistry behind conversations
  • How to activate the parts of the brain that trigger high engagement, trust and innovation
  • The Epigenetics of Conversations and how we transcribe new patterns and neuropathways in our brains
  • The Conversational Dashboard that allows you to identify conversation styles of your clients
  • The Up- and Downregulating Framework that helps you as a coach to regulate your clients’ (and your own) own bio-reactions
  • The 3 levels of conversations

And more

Last year all 6 sessions reaches maximum capacity, so if you want to join be sure to secure your spot right away before the sessions fill up.

Click here to see the dates for the Immersion Training and secure your spot.

All the best,

Ton de Graaf

Chartered Business Coach

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