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2015 RIDLER REPORT research announcement.


Research has begun on the 2015 edition of the Ridler Report which analyses strategic trends in the use of coaching from the perspective of organisational sponsors of coaching.

The Ridler Report is an internationally reputed research project which is widely recognised for its influence in shaping the future direction of coaching in organisations.  It is led and managed by Ridler & Co, the London-based executive coaching practice.

What makes the Ridler Report distinctive is its focus on collecting quantitative and qualitative data from hundreds of sponsors of coaching in leading organisations (the report does not use data from external coaches), its insightful analysis and the clarity with which the findings are presented.

2015 marks the sixth Ridler Report. It is also the second time Ridler & Co has worked in collaboration with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK, one of the leading professional coaching bodies.

Professor David Gray of University of Greenwich, the leading international expert in research methodology has provided consultancy to the Ridler Report to maintain the high levels of rigour of the research methodology used in the report while expanding the range of the report’s research methods.

The Ridler Report on-line survey covers areas drawn from the four core research themes and a range of other topical areas in coaching, including matching, supervision, group coaching and coaching via virtual delivery channels.

Organisational sponsors of coaching are encouraged to complete the survey which can be accessed at from 2nd  March to 2nd April 2015.

If you have any enquiries please contact Clive Mann, Managing Director of Ridler & Co on or Laura Taylor, a director of Ridler & Co, on Clive and Laura can be reached by telephone on +44 20 7112 6750.

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