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A Different Kind of Doing

by Padraig O’Sullivan



As some of you may know I am currently training for my first ever Triathlon. My goal for this one is to complete uninjured rather than to compete with anyone else. I hit a bit of a road block this week as I have caught the flu – guess that is somewhat unavoidable when you have your face in pools for so many hours!

I am forced at this point to look at what I am doing and make some choices about how I am able to spend my training time – I need a different kind of doing.

This was highlighted by Tom, a client who I spoke with about our recent research and work on the Daily Habits of Exceptional Leaders.

He has a different kind of doing.

The Daily Habits research also highlighted that Exceptional Leaders focused on specific kinds of doing every day – What needs to get done? Who do I need to help to get these things done? How do I need to get out of the way?

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