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Coaching: a life changing experience.

Coaching is a thought provoking, structured process that assists individuals or teams to perform at the peak of their ability, achieving goals faster, with increased clarity and purpose.

In Middle English the word ‘coche’ meant ‘a wagon or carriage’, with the literal translation of ‘coach’ being a vehicle taking a person or group of people from one location to a desired destination.

Even though its value is becoming more and more widely acknowledged, it is interesting to hear how people have different ideas about what coaching exactly constitutes.

Many people seem to link coaching to counselling or performance management and think if they have coaching is about fixing their problems rather than enhancing their potential. Like sports coaching people get that it’s about reaching goals, but still sometimes they don’t translate how this could work for them in their professional or private life.

A major consideration for many people is how or why they should consider coaching. One interesting trend, you may or may not be aware of, is that many highly successful corporations or organisations have already established coaching programs as a means of rewarding and enhancing their organisational growth.

These organisations recognise the long term benefits of support and developing their most important resource, their people, particularly high performers. High performing employees as well as emerging leaders and middle managers now more often than not are encouraged to consider one on one coaching. This in turn generates organisational success, builds internal feelings of respect, motivation and value.

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