Why AI Will Enhance the Role of Coaching in the Next 20 Years

Change is not new. We have been experiencing significant change for the last century or more.

What is different now is the rate and scope of that change, which is at unprecedented levels. In addition, we now have the introduction of AI and deep learning which is changing every aspect of our lives.

A quick google search will show you the latest advancements in AI in almost every discipline and you will read articles where it is believed that AI is both enhancing life, and how AI will be a threat to life as we know it. The truth is no one knows the effect it will have – except we do know it is going to generate even more change and uncertainty in the very near future.

My view is this is great for coaches. Who is better placed to enable people to thrive through the changes? Who can support people in career change and career endings? Who can offer advice as to how to most effectively manage change and explore new identities as old work related identities shift? Who can help people explore the meaning of life and the legacy they, as an individual, will leave behind?

Who can help to keep people alive and well as the world changes around them?

I think there are 5 key areas that coaches will be essential for. Find out what those are in our current edition:

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