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Begin With Breathing – Mindfully


You’ve been there, at least once in your life and very likely quite often. Activities that get you there – to the experience of ONENESS, to the feeling of FLOW, as psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined it, are “truly rewarding experiences that require concentrated involvement and interaction with complex information”.

The things that give people ‘natural highs’ – playing music, a close game of tennis, an intense and meaningful conversation with a friend, a job well done – all require that we pay attention, that we look, listen, and act with care and skill.”

It is these unified activities of FLOW that draw you out of your inherent pre-occupation with self – the state that keeps you feeling small, self-conscious, self-censoring and stuck. It is these special activities that compel your attention and invite you to reach beyond your self-imposed limitations that enable you to bring the best of yourself to the present moment.

Do you know what compels your attention?

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