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Being a Career Reinvention Specialist

By Lyn Christian



This is my life, right? So, why am I not living it like it belongs to me?

I asked myself this question nearly 16 years ago when I left a “safe” 15-year career as a public school teacher. I finally realised that I had the courage to live the life I wanted, that I was ready to embrace change, and what do you know . . . I wasn’t alone….

Today, more than ever, you can do extraordinary things like loving your work, your home, the people around you and if you are so inclined, you can do this while weaving a pattern that changes the fabric of the world for the better.

At some point, this trend will become more of an imperative in many people’s work/lives than a novelty.

If your career path doesn’t wind and wander a bit, you are becoming an anomaly. It’s time to educate yourself, and become a student of reinvention.

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