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Book review: Neuroscience for Coaches (including an exclusive offer to our readers)

By Ton de Graaf, ChBC

neuroscience for coaches

Have you, as a coach, ever wondered what happens in your coachee’s brain when you coach them?

Well, you can stop wondering now.

Coaching still is an emerging profession. We know that coaching helps in both the personal as well as the professional domain.

The attitude of many coaches is: “Trust me, I’m the coach.”  With this publication we are now able to add: “…and I have the scientific explanation for why this will work.”

What I like most about Amy’s book is that she answers the questions that are always on my mind when I read books that might enhance the theoretical underpinning of my coaching practice.

These questions are:

  • Why is this important to me as a coach?
  • What can I do with a client now having understood this?

Amy did a great job answering these questions throughout the book.

You will find a full review of the book in this month’s edition of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine.

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