Coaching Research

Call to Participate in European Coaching & Mentoring Research Project.

This is the largest and most ambitious coaching research project undertaken to date. The project is being run across 51 countries in Europe through a collaboration of 51 teams of researchers and practitioners from all of the countries across Europe from Iceland to Turkey and Russia to Kosova.

The project is being led by Dr Jonathan Passmore, Henley Business School, in collaboration with the EMCC and the leading coaching professional bodies across Europe. What’s different about this project, apart from the collaboration of over 100 different coaching bodies, professional organisations and training providers, is the research is being translated into over 20 different European languages in recognition of the diversity across Europe. This will ensure the survey is highly accessible and recognises coaching is a diverse practice that can have different expressions in different cultures.

By taking part, you have the opportunity for your voice to be heard in this European conversation, as well as the chance to win an Apple iPad and other prizes in a Prize draw.

The results of the research will be published on the Centre’s website in Autumn 2017. The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete. To start now please click on the link: Start the Survey 


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