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Coaching as a Profession.


Is it important for coaching to be considered a profession?

Chris Baxter is tired of hearing the word “coach” tossed around as a workplace cliche. “People wouldn’t say at work, ‘I’m going to sit down with my staff and do some psychotherapy,’” says Baxter.

But bosses often boast about being good coaches, leading their team of employees, or sitting down with a mid-level manager to work with them on an issue.

Baxter argues the ease with which people toss around the term “coach” undermines coaching’s ability to truly become a profession in the eyes of the public. “They don’t perceive it as something that only qualified professionals do,” said Baxter, an ICF accredited business coach in the UK whose coaching business, GENI, is an acronym for “Good Enough Never Is.”

Baxter believes it’s imperative for coaches to separate themselves in the minds of the public‚ not just from bosses who motivate employees, but also from untrained business owners who market themselves as “coaches.”

Do you?

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