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Coaching for Measurable Results Is Simple


Coaching is said to generate positive results.  Yet, how does one measure those results?

With the belief ‘begin with the end in mind’, the best way to measure the results of coaching in general is to define those results up front.

What development objective do you want to achieve?

For example, if the goal is to increase sales, then that goal is clearly defined including time frame.  Of course this means the salesperson must share with the coach the sales cycle time.  If this time is 6 months, then to expect to increase sales in 90 days is not realistic.  A good coach will then ask additional questions about how to shorten that sales cycle time and what other sub goals could be identified to ensure the six month time line is achieved.

Goals owned by the coachee are the first and best measurements for any type of coaching. The next measurement would be return on investment.

Years ago in a dissertation paper, Dr. Kirkpatrick identified the Four Levels of Evaluation and I believe these are the Gold Standard for evaluation.

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