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Coaching Human 2.0 – The rise of AI

We live in the most amazing times! We are now at the pivot point of exponential change. Take a look at the graph below, it represents the rate of growth of knowledge in our world.

It’s what’s called an exponential curve, and the point at which it effectively becomes infinite, when the growth on growth is so fast that no human can keep up, is almost upon us.

And a key part of that process is the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Approximately two years ago there was a key breakthrough in AI with the application of ‘Deep Learning‘ to the field of AI, and it has changed everything.

All of the key players in technology are now embracing Deep Learning AI’s leading to the recent developments in self-driving cars, autonomous intelligent robotics, para-legal systems that can out-compete humans, online pathology systems that not only can out-compete humans but are rewriting pathology science and AI’s now surpassing humans on IQ tests and beating humans in Chess, GO and even winning hands down against professional card players in Texas Hold’em Poker.

What will the impact of this be? Well, a large number of studies and reports are indicating that over the next decade, up to 50% of jobs will be replaced by Deep Learning AI’s and bots.

For example, Gartner report that more than 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by the year 2020, less than 3 years from now. And almost every business and industry will be affected.

This is a massive change to society and how our socio-political and economic systems run. It is unlikely that the world will remain the same when we have 50% unemployment. And leaders will be faced with having to lead and manage teams that are made up of a mix of AI’s and humans – humans that will be massively stressed by the ongoing and accelerating changes across society and the planet.

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