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Coaching Is Not Just for High School Athletes

Young people in athletics have an advantage over their fellow classmates. That advantage simply is “a coach.” These sport coaches work to condition the physical sports’ talents of the high school students and more importantly work to condition their mental talents or attitudes.

In sports, youth leadership becomes the norm, the best practice. Young people recognise that their mental capacity must exceed their physical capability.  And yet how many young people never have this opportunity to learn the necessary self-leadership talents now being demanded more and more by employers?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith describes in this month’s issue of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine how coaching can support these young people and provide a solid foundation for sustainable economic growth for all communities.

Leanne Hoagland Smith


By trailblazing through conventional learning and business practices, heurist, writer and speaker Leanne Hoagland-Smith quickly demonstrates through ACE© how to advance people (talent) and operations (management) to that next generation of revenue growth for individuals and SMBs. She seeks forward thinkers who are stuck in the current status quo and want to stay ahead of the flow. Visit to learn more.


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