Coaching our kids

Education is changing, constantly. 10 years ago would you have had a lesson in citizenship? PSD? PHSE? Ok so maybe you actually would, it just wasn’t called any of these!

Life Skills has been part of education for as long as education existed, even in its most simple form of discipline children were being taught about right and wrong, cause and effect and creating motivation.

In recent years this section of education has been formalised to become part of our curriculum, and has been subject to numerous streams of government funding and initiatives designed to ensure that the schools are adequately equipped to educate children in the mind-sciences of becoming a reasonable and considerate individual.

Despite this the majority of students leaving education are still lacking in the most vital base life skills necessary to develop into well-adjusted and capable young adults.

Teenage drinking, drug abuse and violent relationships are still major causes for concern, and as our economy becomes more challenging and competitive we find that new issues like confidence and self-esteem are being brought to the forefront of issues for young people.

There are still some key life skills which are not being effectively delivered to young people, and without which we will see another generation struggling through their teens and twenties as they resort to trial and error to create their character and future. It cannot be argued that personal development personally develops people, nor can it be argued that individuals with a deeper sense of self-understanding and personal skills go on to lead more successful and emotionally stable lives. So is it time that our schools started looking at the delivery of life-skills with fresh eyes? It is beneficial for our young people to have education in these base level skills available to them?

As a parent, I would argue that these are vital skills for my children to have, and that with a skill set incorporating this understanding of self and mind science, my children will be far more capable and equipped to deal with the challenges which they will doubtless face in coming years.

I would suggest that educating these skills is far more simple and cost effective than our education system currently recognises, and that with the current and expected shifts in education many schools will be looking to experts for solutions to effectively offering these vital elements of tuition. I’m not saying we could have prevented the nightmare that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but the choice between investing in a state of the art security system or investing in a state of the art life skills educational program is an easy one.

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