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Coaching Pathways: Requirements for a Successful Journey

By Julia von Flotow



It is impossible to realise a fuzzy goal, one that you have yet to articulate with clarity and simplicity.

Clarity is what it takes – “if you can imagine it, you can believe it and if you believe it, you can create it.”

Success begins with a clear and inspired vision; one that is rooted in yourself – your understanding of yourself, your values, vision and mission; one that inspires passion, motivation and drive and enhances your focus and commitment to action.

This approach to success building enhances the potential for personal fulfilment and sustainable success.

The coach – coachee partnership is built on a deeply inter-personal relationship where success and fulfilment are two sides of the same coin with the coach’s success, a manifestation of their own personal fulfilment.

Now that’s pure magic!

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