Coaching for Worldwide Disruption

Were Julius Caesar transported nearly two thousand years to the year 1800, he would find the world recognisable enough that he could navigate it without fear. Ships, architecture, domestic conveniences, even science would not be beyond his comprehension.

Drag an inhabitant of 1800 two hundred years to today, and he would be dazed by our magical technology, hyperconnected globe, and colossal stores of information.

But whisk you twenty years into the future, and you will be even more bewildered than that Regency citizen.

In two decades we will be bumping up against fundamental tipping points.  What you believe, value, and teach will become of crucial importance to not just your circle but all humanity.

Coaching people around finding their purpose had a side effect: I found mine. I’ve long planted feet in two worlds: technology, and human development, and this has granted me a rare perspective. A few years ago, the consequences of technology growth began dawning on me and I started speaking about it.

But it wasn’t personal until my younger daughter Bless turned one, when thinking about my girls’ futures brought on an epiphany.

Here’s what happened:

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