Courage, Creativity and Confidence

3 Cornerstones of Coaching

By Julia von Flotow


sustainability-economic-environmental-socialSo many of my coaching clients want these three: courage, creativity and confidence, I’ve called them the 3 cornerstones of coaching.

They’ve experienced them all before at some time in their lives but have lost touch and when one goes the other two seem to follow, replaced by an inner state of confusion, insecurity and doubt…a place of stuckness, congestion, lack of flow and frustrated potential and they realise “I want to live.”

Life is movement. Feeling alive is to experience “flow”.

Instead of feeling washed up or washed out, washed away or caught in an eddy many of them are tired and have had enough of the treadmill and endless repetition without satisfaction they are experiencing their life to be and realise they need help.

Mindfulness coaching helps them begin to notice what they are noticing, observing without judgment.

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