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Cultivating Resilience in Everyday Life

By Julia von Flotow

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If you think you need to get it all done before you can be happy, consider that on the day you die, you will have email in your inbox. (Robert Holden)

What we expect from life, from ourselves and others, and the society we are a part of, creates the framework for our experience.  Whether we expect a lot of a particular situation, a little, or nothing at all, shapes how we live in that moment and sets us up for the experience of achievement or disappointment, success, failure or relief, and everything in between.

How effectively we manage these expectations and the stress they create in our lives is a leading factor affecting our capacity and potential for resilience. Resilience then, is our ability to rebound – to withstand shocks, set-backs and allow us to adapt to changing conditions or disturbance-driven change.

It is crucial for a healthy life, that we recognise our expectations and our own limits in a given situation and regulate ourselves accordingly. Unmanaged stress may be an indication that we have lost connection with our authentic inner being – the gateway to our natural goodness, values, love of life and innate, ability to renew and rebalance our system.

Lifestyle choices matter and Julia offers a few Self-care principles to live by.

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