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Psychometric assessments, how do they support the coaching process?

In todays world psychometrics assessments help us to measure just about everything. But how to they support the coaching process?

In this edition we help you cut through the jungle of assessments and offer you some valuable insights on how and when to use them.

Leon VanderPol shares three key considerations when using psychometric assessments. Leanne Hoagland Smith emphasises the quality of the psychometric assessments and has some remarkable insights on one of the most popular assessments in the market today. Julia von Flotow has developed her own tools that work for her and her clients in their custom-designed coaching initiatives. Lyn Christian’s Coaching Toolkit zeros in on three “assessment oriented” resources that you might find very useful.

Simon Sarkissian introduces a new tool by Karmagenes SA, a Swiss biotech, it integrates Genetics and Psychology through its innovative DNA based personality test, that is primarily aiming for personal development. David Clutterbuck shares his valuable insights on how to interpret a coachee’s behaviour.

And last, but certainly not least, the Leading News authors Patricia Wheeler and Marshall Goldsmith teach us how to take a closer look at ourselves and our coachees when dealing with outside pressure.

To top this edition off we present you a Podcast Highlight:  Leading Your Own Life:  A New Approach to Employee Engagement, featuring Marshall Goldsmith moderated by Executive Coach Patricia Wheeler

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Ton de Graaf, Chartered Business Coach™

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

In this edition:

Psychometric assessments, how do they support the coaching process?

First, Do No Harm  
    By Leanne Hoagland-Smith  
Whatever Works is the Tool to Use!
    By Julia von Flotow
Tool Kit: Assessing Clients Using Aptitude, Personality, and Psychometric Testing
    By Lyn Christian
Nature: The Missing Link in Personality Assessment
    By Simon Sarkissian
Three Key Considerations When Using Psychometric Assessments
    By Leon VanderPol  
Helping the Coachee or Mentee Interpret Behaviour
   By Prof. David Clutterbuck
The Zen of Managing Oneself
   By Patricia Wheeler
Why Leaders Need Term Limits
    By Marshall Goldsmith

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