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Artificial Intelligence, the End of Coaching?

Where does the algorithm see you in 10 years? This was the intriguing title in a recent Fortune Magazine article by Jennifer Alseven. In it she gave an example of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) software helped an overwhelmed CEO of a rapidly growing company with sifting through towering stacks of résumés.

The software helped speed up the vetting process by providing online simulations of what applicants might do on their first day as an employee.

Companies are using AI to assess human qualities, drawing on research to analyse everything from word choice and micro gestures to psycho-emotional traits and the tone of social media posts.

So what does this mean for the coaching profession?

In this edition we try to answer that question by taking an in-depth look at AI and the possible effects it can have on coaching.

How can we prepare ourselves and turn this challenge into an opportunity?

It still has me wondering though where the algorithm sees me in 10 years…

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Ton de Graaf, Chartered Business Coach™

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

In this edition:

Artificial Intelligence, the End of Coaching?

Meet Your New Coach

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith


High Touch Coaching in the High Tech Era

By Julia von Flotow


Tool Kit: Artificial Intelligence – It’s Not About Robots

By Lyn Christian


How Will AI Disrupt Coaching?

By Pierre Dussault


Why AI Will Enhance the Role of Coaching in the Next 20 Years

By Dr. Suzanne Henwood


Coaching for Worldwide Disruption

By Peter Scott


Coaching Human 2.0 – The rise of AI

By Grant Soosalu

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