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More Dates Added for Conversational Intelligence® with Judith E. Glaser


Did you know that leaders and executives typically fall into two conversational patterns – open and closed?

For us as professional coaches, the ability to ask specific questions that instantly create high levels of engagement and trust with teams, individuals and entire organizations is priceless.

Imagine that just a few simple questions could have the power to shift entire organizations and trigger new ideas.

Judith E. Glaser – world-leading expert on Conversational Intelligence® – has developed the Discovery & Innovation Tool which includes an arsenal of questions that allow you to do just that.

During her live, complimentary, Immersion Training Judith will demonstrate how you as a coach can leverage the power of neuroscience to create impactful and transformative conversations with your clients, and how to use the Discovery & Innovation questions as a tool to do so.

The first four sessions are already completely full with more than 11,000 coaches registering from all across the globe in just 2 weeks. Fortunately, Judith has opened up 4 additional sessions: November 29th and 30th, and December 6th and 7th.

When you register for the training, you’ll also get access to the Discovery & Innovation Tool (as well as other valuable resources on neuroscience in coaching) at no cost.

Click here to secure your spot for one of the last trainings and get the Discovery & Innovation Tool.

Research has shown that most people’s brains close down when they feel they have a solution and most leaders end up not being open to new ideas anymore at this point. They fall into patterns such as being addicted to being right, and the results are both frustrating, but also ineffective, inefficient and unproductive – affecting your client’s bottom line.

Judith created the Discovery & Innovation Tool for you to be equipped with the exact questions that allow you to overcome these obstacles and guide your clients towards innovative solutions.

I truly believe that you’ll get amazing value from this, to access the training and the D&I Tool simply click here.

Kind regards,

Ton de Graaf, Chartered Business Coach™

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Worldwide Coaching Magazine

P.S. even if you are not able to attend live, I suggest you register and WBECS will send you the recording immediately after the session.


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