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The coaches I hang out with, those I’m drawn to and swap stories with, typically practice a life I’d consider relatively high in consciousness. I use the term “practice” because, for most of us, living at a higher level of consciousness means mindfully working at it day to day.

To strengthen my mindfulness practice, I’ve been playing with two simple sets of exercises. I hope you find them valuable.


Words contain the potential for us to enhance our consciousness. This is often a practice of being mindful of what and how we say things. The more peaceful our words are, the higher our intention is, and the higher the creation of what is spoken can be.


Observe rather than absorb energy. We are constantly “tuning in” to our clients, and (unless we are mindfully selective) we can unwittingly tune in to what we don’t want to absorb. When we take on undesirable energy, it is like having our intuitive channel open but the fine tuner can’t get dialed into Higher Self. Without realising it, we can accidentally subsume negative energy. There are some  techniques I use to set boundaries, supporting me “to observe and not absorb.”

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