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Be Focused to Live a Successful Life


Research shows that we over estimate how quickly we can do tasks.

It also tells us that our brain can indeed only focus on one thing at a time. Yet, how many of us go about our day, even our week without fully grasping the gravity of these two statements?

Everyday conversation includes chatter about how busy we are. But the deeper question in my mind is this: Is it really our goal to be busy or would it feel better to simply know that we are being productive?

SoulSalt developed a course that will help you do just that! How can a course help you be more productive?

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The Basic Membership:

In her coaching practice, Lyn Christian helps people ‘BE FOCUSED’ and if you were to do this one on one you could get the training for $2500 or you can register for the BE FOCUSED course and get the same training for only $597. PLUS, because we believe in Worldwide Coaching Magazine’s mission, you can save $59 when you purchase using the code: WCMBASIC.

The entire course is available to you the minute you register and allows you to work at your own pace! PLUS, you have unlimited access to the course and the members-only community for a year! After a year, your membership will be renewed for only $99 annually.

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The VIP Membership:

If you want to have special access to Lyn, you can register for the VIP Be Focused program, which gives you everything of the basic membership, PLUS:

  • Five (5) 30-minute sessions with Lyn over a three month period
  • Unlimited access to Lyn via email for the three months

The VIP Membership is valued at over $3500 but with the purchase of VIP Membership, it’s only $1297. PLUS, you will save $129 when you use the code WCMVIP.

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