The Fundamental Worldview That Determines Everything

There is one fundamental worldview that is the foundation upon which all others are formed. Either we see everything as separated from everything else, or we see everything as connected to everything else.

We imagine the world as a grid of unconnected dots, or we see it as a matrix of relationships where every dot is connected to at least one other.

This fundamental worldview determines how we look at everything. Furthermore, how the mass consciousness views the world—as connected or as separate—will ultimately determine whether we thrive or self-destruct as a global civilisation.

Some might say that’s a bold statement. Yet the more I study how the world works as energy in motion, and the more I coach leaders who are committed to making a significant difference, the more I understand this as a fundamental truth.

The contrast between these two fundamental worldviews is playing out center stage in the world today. It manifests as the polarity between nationalism (“we take care of our own” or “every man/woman/company/country for themselves”) and globalism (“we’re all in this together, and we need to take care of one another”).

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