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Get Motivated and Get Moving – Using all of your Brains!

By Grant Soosalu



One of the challenges with traditional Coaching, and with the processes of Goal-Setting in particular, is that people can often be facilitated in getting clear on their goals and outcomes but then not end up following through to completion…

In one recent study on New Year’s resolutions by University of Scranton researchers, for example, it was found that only 8% of people who set New Year’s goals actually follow through and achieve them.

As the field of Neuroscience has recently discovered, and which we have backed up in our work on mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coaching, humans don’t just have neural intelligences in their head brains, they also have neural intelligences in their heart and gut regions and these are vital for human performance and behavioural excellence.

So change and motivation techniques that only focus on the head brain are likely doomed to failure since they miss two of the three key centres of intelligence.

Find out more about this new and exciting approach on how to use all three neural intelligences in this month’s edition.

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