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Getting Clear on Transformational Coaching.


How does a caterpillar transform into a butterfly?  I admit, for most of my life I was utterly misinformed. I had this image that inside the chrysalis the caterpillar morphed into a butterfly; that through shape-shifting wizardry the caterpillar sprouted antenna, longer legs and wings, and tadah! a butterfly was formed.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What does this have to do with transformational coaching, you might ask?

Quite a lot, in fact. Human transformation is in many ways analogous to that of the caterpillar: in order to transform, both caterpillar and human must undergo a death or undoing process and a renewal or rebirth process.

The difference is that while a caterpillar’s death and renewal is primarily physical, for the human being it is a deep inner process: a revolution in your awareness of who you are and your purpose and place in this world.

Transformational coaching serves this end: to support people to intentionally and authentically become the fullest expression of their essential self.

In order to do this, coaches work with people through the dynamics of death and renewal that characterise the transformational process. Here’s how:

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