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Getting to the Heart of Conflict

By Grant Soosalu


There’s no such thing as conflict! Read that again… There’s no such ‘thing’ as conflict. You see, the word ‘conflict’ is what is known in the field of neurolinguistics as a Nominalisation – a verb disguised as a noun.

Now, nouns are words for ‘things’, and verbs are words for ‘processes’, and so conflict is a verb (a doing word) that is being expressed as a noun (a thing), it’s a process that is being languaged and masqueraded as if it’s a thing. However, you can’t purchase a ‘conflict’ at the supermarket, you can’t put it into a wheelbarrow, or sit it on a table – it’s NOT a thing.

There’s no such ‘thing’ as conflict, there’s just the process of people conflicting! And this is a powerful and important distinction.

What comes from this profound insight, is that whenever conflict is occurring, it means that two (or more) people are behaving in a way that leads them to conflicting with each other (or with themselves).

Learn how to dissolve any conflicting in your Clients’ lives, and in your own life, by learning to use mBIT techniques to live, work and operate from Highest Expression, to align at the head, heart and gut levels, and to entrain the intuitive intelligence of the multiple brains of all those around you.

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