Helping the Coachee Overcome Complacency

An implicit assumption within coaching and mentoring is that the coachee or mentee is motivated to change.

That isn’t always the case and even when it is, there is a big difference between externally motivated change (doing something because you have to) and internally motivated change (doing something because you want to).

Internally or intrinsically motivated desire for change will always be more powerful and more sustainable. The reluctant coachee is fairly easy to identify and therefore the issue of motivation can be confronted at an early stage.

Solutions include helping them to find complementary goals that will motivate them (and on which the original, extrinsic goals can piggyback) and re-contracting with all the key stakeholders.

But what about when the learner exhibits enthusiasm and says they look forward to and value the sessions, but is clearly not deeply motivate to change?

Here’s what you can do:

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