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High Touch Coaching in the High Tech Era

Over the next few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is promising to revolutionise the world as we know it. In many sectors of society, it already is!

While I don’t consider myself an “early adaptor” I recognise that the world around me and the economic, political and management systems and processes that sustain it, are increasingly facilitated by technology and the use of AI.

This emerging reality is the world my grandchildren are growing up in, whereas I will need to and hope to have the opportunity to pick and choose where to direct my focus and manage my effort. My intention is to adapt in such a way that it serves me and my vision for myself and the development of my coaching practice and that it be life enhancing.

The only effective response to this rapid technological change we are all in as small operators may be to “nichefy” – that is, to focus on and invest in your strengths…which, in my case, means to “go deep” rather than broad.

What is important is to identify and define the competitive advantage your service offering provides and then communicate it as a compelling reason for your ideal customers to choose you over some AI offering. Here’s how I do it:

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