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How Leaders Can Develop a Global Mindset

6 simple steps to developing curiosity

By Padraig O’Sullivan




This article is being typed in a coffee shop in Ireland. Here, all the headlines are about the impending disaster in Greece.

The hyper-connected geography that is the European Community is bracing for the shocks that might radiate from the decisions or indecision from the leaders in Athens and their stakeholders.

Last week I was in Ascot near London working with a Pan-European leadership team to confirm their strategy for the next two years. I observed that they are faced with complexity and strategic decisions their predecessors are unlikely to have known.

This was evidenced when one leader in the group made a simple but rather profound statement. She is based in the Baltic region reporting to the leader who is based in London. Her insight was that for every decision they agree on as a team they have to consider the multiple impacts this decision will make on the Northern Europe region i.e. countries such as Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

These experiences have reinforced to me that leading internationally really requires leaders to develop a global mindset and to be continually developing that ability, as global complexities keep morphing and changing.

Here are six strategies that will help you become a truly global leader:

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