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Did you enjoy learning from some of the most brilliant minds in coaching at the WBECS Pre-Summit?

I gained great value from the sessions, especially Carol Kauffman, David Peterson and Philippe Rosinski truly impacted the way I coach.

If you loved the WBECS Pre-Summit like I did, then I have great news for you today:

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Personally, I’ve benefited from joining WBECS every single year and this year they’ve made truly impressive upgrades and enhancements. I’m confident that joining will make a profound difference for you as a coach.


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Ton de Graaf, Chartered Business Coach

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine


PS: With the Full Summit, you’ll get access to weekly sessions throughout the year (even in 2 different time zones), session recordings, transcripts, executive notes, presenter slides and more game-changing resources!

My favorite part is that you get to join focused Round Tables, Implementation Mastery Sessions and as a result become part of one of the most engaged and active community of coaches globally.

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