Impacts of Sydney Under Siege

By Padraig O’Sullivan


I am blessed to travel the world for the work I do and live in Sydney, which, for me is a most beautiful city.

On Monday, December 15 we were rocked by an awful incident that we regularly give thanks that “things like that don’t happen here”.

Well, as we know now, it can happen anywhere.

It is such a shock and strangely out of sync with life in Australia and I am not sure if I have great clarity of thought about how to effectively respond.

This is what I do know.

My sadness for all the victims and their families is strong. I don’t have the words that can effectively express that. They were buying a morning coffee in their local coffee shop, like millions of people do every day and were caught up in something they had no reason to be caught up on.

One person’s madness can result another person’s grief, clearly illogical of course and yet part of life.

I am incredibly grateful to and proud of the various emergency services and people who responded so magnificently.

This event was not a multi cultural caused issue, just a human being who has issues. I am grateful I live in a multicultural society where we can enjoy and be enriched by the new and interesting things different cultures bring but most importantly we recognise that we have more things we share than those that differ.

Love of family, doing meaningful things, creating and contributing a safe and prosperous community.

When the news went around the main response was to make sure family, friends, colleagues and loved ones were safe. I received many emails and text messages from concerned friends all over the world in response to the news reports they watched in their countries. They were all welcome.

Maybe the learning out of this is to be always awake to the things that really matter not just the things that are the noisiest. At moments like this, what is most important rises.

Listen to this, keep this at the center of your thinking.

I wish you all a safe and joyful Holiday season.

Padraig O’Sullivan

Managing Partner of O’SullivanField

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