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Intention, Transformational Catalyst


Change is inevitable. It is a constant in our lives whether we wish it or not. Change is!

Transformation is a result of a change process. In coaching, we think of the coaching process as transformational. What makes it so, is that it is driven by the client’s ever increasing awareness of self in relation to self, to others, to the situation they happen to find themselves in and to the natural world.

It is CHOICE and ACTION that drive this change process – the client’s increasing sense of self as empowered, responsible and co-creative is the catalyst and driver while the coach guides or midwives the unfolding self-development process.

What’s key to success, of course, is clarity of intention at the outset. In my 8 years of coaching I’ve come to realise INTENTION as a powerful creative force and, like a muscle, we can train and develop intentionality through practice. This commitment has become one of the key anchors to my coaching approach.

Here’s what I discovered:

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