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Investing In Your Self Through Coaching

Part IX:  To Be Vulnerable is to Live, to Withdraw is to Die (J. Krishnamurti)

By Sandra Stephenson

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Mr. Roberts found me after searching the Internet. He was extremely dissatisfied with his life.  It was true; he was making more money than most people ever dreamt of.

He had a wife, children, often time’s mistresses and a huge following of interns and others who idealised his success.

At this point he felt barren, played out, and dissatisfied inside.  He was now seeking something that had alluded him most of his life.  Contentment.  Possibly, even peace.  When he came upon my coaching site, something resonated inside of him.

Mr. Roberts had made a success of everything that he touched.  When he reached 40, and he was sitting in a meeting where the end of the year bonuses were being handed out, and his was $3,000,000, his colleague next to him got $10,000,000.

He found himself angry and jealous.  A few years earlier he could hardly pay his rent.  Mr. Roberts became aware of what he termed, an unjustified response, and he decided to do something about it.

This is where I came in.

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