Investing In Your Self Through Coaching, by Sandra Stephenson (part 1 of 6)

worried womanBonnie is an intelligent, well-educated woman of 42, living in Houston Texas with her high profile husband and two children.  She had a great job as a copywriter until the newspaper she worked for went belly up and now she is a receptionist at a Medical building for psychologists. Overly qualified, but earning enough to help out. Bonnie is suspicious; thinks her husband is unfaithful.

She wants to quit her job, but is fearful.  She has goals about her work, family and marriage but is confused and feels stumped.

Her inner dialogue goes something like this: “You should leave him. Look at Jill, how she fawns over him.  I’d hate it if I found out they were having an affair behind my back.”

Then another voice pops up inside her: “You’re not hopeless, you’ve got your job, you’ve got your home, and you’ve got your children.  Okay, there’s no sex, I mean, very little.”

Sandra Stephenson follows Bonnie as she is seeking a coach. In this first article of a series of 6, Sandra writes about what really happens during a coaching session, both from the perspective of the coachee and of the coach. Sandra Stephenson is a certified professional coach, and the founder of Infinity Coaching.

Sandra Stephenson


Sandra Stephenson is a certified professional coach, and the founder of Infinity Coaching. She is a graduate of the prestigious International Coach Academy. She helps her clients move from a sense of immobility, to goal setting, and to actions that lead to their highest level of consciousness in all areas of their life. Using the model of the spiral, the coach helps the client change positions, gain new perspectives, create plans, and move into action. “When we are aligned with our inner values through self awareness, we can live meaningful productive lives without conflict.” You can contact Sandra at:


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