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Here’s some exciting news about about a universal coaching program that I think would add significant value to your practice.

The program is called “Coaching With ROI” and is being run by Lisa-Ann Edwards and WBECS.


Coaching with ROI” is a unique program that teaches you how to mathematically measure the effectiveness of your coaching.


Lisa-Ann Edwards is the pre-eminent Thought Leaders in this area. She teaches you how to convert your coaching achievements into numerical data. Numerical data that can literally prove your worth as a coach will make you stand out from the crowd for new clients, but also help you retain existing clients.


And it has never been so important to objectively prove your worth as a coach. The 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study found that the biggest problem faced by professional coaches was being able to differentiate themselves from ineffective coaches in the eyes of potential clients.


I personally recommend this program precisely because it will help set you apart in the marketplace. You will be able to position yourself as someone who has proven track record for providing your clients with ROI.


To find out more about the program, I strongly advise that you register for the totally free Workshop.


To register for the totally free Workshop simply click here.


At the Workshop Lisa-Ann will be giving away a number of tools that you can use straight-away, including her exclusive ROI Calculator, so to be sure to sign up fast before registration reaches capacity.


Click here to register for the Coaching with ROI Workshop 


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