Let Go of the Conventional

By Leon VanderPol


As you build your coaching practice, I’m curious if any of these thoughts ever cross your mind?

  •   I need to start giving talks, speeches and workshops.
  •   I need to get my social media platform and strategy set up.
  •   I need to be writing more—start a blog or write for magazines.
  •   I need a one-sentence elevator speech.
  •   I’ve got to get out there and start networking.
  •   What I need is Google AdWords that will help people find me.
  •   I need new business cards to show I am a legitimate coach.
  •   I don’t have my signature program yet, that’s what I need.
  •   As soon as I figure out my niche, then I can target those people.
  •   Cold calling. Yes, I need to start cold calling potential clients.
  •   If I don’t get my website sorted, I’m not going to attract clients.

I can honestly say, each of these marketing strategies has crossed my mind at some point in the 10 years that I’ve been building my coaching practice.

Today, I can honestly say I have built a vibrant coaching practice.

And the reason for this cannot be attributed to the straightforward implementation of the above marketing strategies.

Here’s what happened:

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