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Loving Your Life!

Loving Your Life

Are you and your clients deeply loving your lives? Are you living the most vibrant and enchanting lives you can?

In our society we often talk about ‘Love’ as if it is a ‘thing’… treating it like a noun or an object. We talk about ‘having’ love, or not ‘getting’ enough love, or being ‘in’ love, as if love were a container or room, or a pool in which we are immersed in love.  The reality is that love is a verb, it’s a process, it’s something that you do. And this is a powerful and liberating understanding, especially from the perspective of Coaching. Being aware of this is really important. It allows you to realise that love is a skill; it’s a process you can learn more about and that you can then coach your clients in.

And as we’ll explore in this article, scientific studies are showing that this is something you’d really do well to guide your client’s into giving a deeper focus and added attention to, otherwise they may not bring as much loving into their lives as they need in order to get the happiness and success they desire.

The field of neuroscience has also recently uncovered some pivotal insights you can utilise to help facilitate your clients into a life and a ‘self’ worth loving and then coach them into living that to the fullest. It has been discovered for example that our brains exhibit neural plasticity — ‘the brain that thinks changes itself’.

This means that by exploring and taking on new ideas, beliefs, attitudes and understandings you can change the structure of your brain(s) and ultimately change the structure of your life. Putting a focus on loving can literally change brain structure into that of more loving brains.

This is truly an exciting insight!

Through a process of directed learning and behavioural practice you can induce neural plasticity that produces changes in gene expression and that in turn alters the strength of synaptic connections and leads to the growth of new connections.

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