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Managing a Coach Panel

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While there are lots of good coaches around, there are a lot more, who are mediocre or worse.

Few HR functions have the internal competence to assess coach competence, and standard methods of evaluation, such as client feedback, how very low validity – indeed, the level of challenge within a coaching relationship may be inversely related to the client’s comfort level!

A common response has been to appoint a coach provider organisation. Typically, these organisations will claim to be able to provide a consistent quality of coaching, to meet all the client company’s needs, from their coaching pool.

World class coaches rarely need to be part of a large pool; rather they tend to be independent practitioners, who work with small, loose bands of peers.

So, when HR employs a single coach pool provider, often on the basis of a slick sales presentation, it is essentially throwing both quality and money out of the window.

Here’s what you can do to effectively manage a coaching pool.

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