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Managing the Talents of the Head, Heart and Gut Brains.

By Grant Soosalu




As research on neural plasticity has excitingly uncovered, neurons that fire together, wire together, and neurons that are out of synch, unlink.

What this means from a practical perspective, is that neural networks are patterning systems – they build, create and instantiate patterns of thinking, acting and feeling.

And another word for patterns, from a behavioural perspective, is ‘habits’…

Now Neuroscience has also uncovered that we have complex, functional and adaptive neural networks, or what the scientists in the new fields of Neuro-cardiology and Neuro-Gastro-Enterology, are calling ‘brains’, in our heart and gut regions.

And these amazing new findings are additionally showing that the neural intelligences of heart and gut also exhibit neural plasticity – they adapt, learn and change.

So this means that each person ends up with patterns and habits in how they use their multiple brains – their head, heart and gut intelligences. And this is backed up by what my own recent research, undertaken with my colleague Professor Suzanne Henwood, is showing.

We examined whether people exhibit clear patterns and preferences in the neural syntax of their decision making. In other words, whether they showed patterns and preferences in their sequence of using head, heart and gut brains to make decisions in their lives. And not surprising, the evidence was strong and clear.

We each have habits and preferences in how we use our multiple brains.

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  1. Just came across this site and was pleasantly surprised to read this and many other posts from Grant Soosalu. As a mBIT Certified Coach and Trainer i Know i am biased but this body of work has been life changing for me.

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