Life coaching

Mindfulness Coaching, The Way of Awareness

What coaches and leaders need to know

Life coaching is inherently a practice that facilitates the development of awareness. In today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, the need for awareness becomes increasingly urgent and important.

Awareness, as Eckhart Tolle expressed: is the greatest agent for change. I prefer to reframe it as follows: “Awareness is the greatest agent of choice.”

It is through insight awareness, generated in each and every coaching session, that information is retrieved, often from deep in the subconscious, and clarified.

The coachee gains insight into their relationship to themselves, their situation and others and can thereby make a deeply informed choice. This choice-making process is a result of a reflective process, I call the mindfulness cycle.  There are 7 key Attitudes of Mindfulness which I review together with the coachee, discussing the potential value, benefits and challenges for them

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