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Multi-Mindfulness, Being present and aware with all of you

By Suzanne Henwood and Grant Soosalu

There can be no doubt about the popularity of mindfulness these days – in virtually any sector be it work or leisure, mindfulness is being advocated for a whole range of reasons from reducing stress, establishing an inner calm, to enhancing performance and improving the ability to learn.

There’s also a wealth of research to support its impact on positive health outcomes.  And while mindfulness is clearly beneficial for many, there are also some areas of caution that as a Coach, it would be wise to consider.

This article will explore what mindfulness is, how multi-Mindfulness differs from the traditional model and how excellent facilitators and coaches might consider wider safety issues to minimise adverse side effects in practice.  We also offer a brief introductory multi-Mindfulness practice to enable you to explore multi-Mindfulness for yourself.

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