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Nature: The Missing Link in Personality Assessment

Though well established and quite widely accepted, the theory that behaviour and personality is eventually shaped by a combination of  Nature and Nurture factors, was not so far in practice introduced  into a complete personality analysis method.

On the contrary, traditional personality and behaviour assessment methods, customarily based on questionnaires, account by definition for only the Nurture side.

However good these might be, by missing probably the most fundamental building block, Nature’s influence, they are subject to specific inherent limitations particularly with respect to the insights delivered.

Applying the extensive scientific research in the field of Human Behavioural Genetics and the technological advances in DNA sequencing, Karmagenes SA, a Swiss biotech, integrates Genetics and Psychology through its innovative DNA based personality test, that is primarily aiming for personal development.

Founded by a core team of academic research experts in various fields of biology, at high profile European, institutions envisioning to bring science and genetics into peoples’ daily life in a positive, accurate and meaningful way.

The Karmagenes test extends the frontiers of personality assessments by including the Nature factor. Read all about this new and exciting test in our current edition!


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