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Oh, the Places Your Mind Can Go to

There is so much more to mind than the way it is used in most coaching conversations, so much untapped potential. Here is an amazing thing the mind can do: it can connect with all other minds in a synchronous dance of infinite discovery.

Now that is amazing! In the coaching context, we could say it’s two minds joining as one mind in service of both lives.

What does this mean in practice?

Most coaching conversations consist of two people looking at an issue from two different perspectives or positions. The one is the perspective of the mind experiencing that issue (the coachee). The other is that of the person who stands outside the issue but who can, through inquiry, grasp the issue and join in dialogue with the other mind to enhance clarity or insight (yes, the coach). This is the typical coaching approach, and it works very well, but it is not the potential of those two minds.

Our mind has the capacity to unite with other minds, to ‘merge’ so-to-speak into a unified state of oneness. Most coaches are unaware of this state of being, yet in truth you will have had moments where you have experienced it, however briefly. Those are the times when your session feels like it has taken on a loftier dimension, where something mystical seems to be happening between the you and your client, a transcendental experience that affects both deeply.

Here is the reality: it does not need to be a ‘once in a while experience’. It can be a frequently experienced state of connection and awareness.

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