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Ontological Coaching with mBraining

Exploring changes to your way of being with mBraining

By Dr. Suzanne Henwood and Grant Soosalu

There are numerous forms of coaching available in our modern world, and many reasons why clients and organisations seek coaching support.

Not all clients want to look deeply, beyond performance based issues and day to day function. For those who do however, mBraining offers a simple, yet profound model to work at the deepest sense of core identity, enabling someone, should they wish to explore with an mBIT coach, their very way of being in the world – their ontology.

Ontological coaching is not new. A quick google search will reveal numerous articles and references talking of “going back to the centre”, “coaching a way of being” and “coaching to the human soul”.

If we look at the meaning of the word Ontology – ‘to be’ – it opens up philosophical questions around existence versus perception of reality. Indeed we could argue the only reality there is at any point is that which we create through our thinking. As such no absolute reality exists. So how do we coach to such an abstract idea?

In mBraining we coach people to get out of their heads. The only identity which exists at head level is an ego identity, our perception of who we are, based on beliefs of who we should be. When coming from our head based perception we see ourselves as separate and we work to ensure our best interests are served.

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