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Ontological Coaching

Coaching that Changes WAYS OF BEING in the World.

By Andreas Liedtke and Rodrigo Silva

Ontological Coaching provides a robust theoretical and practical framework for dealing with the inevitable intersection of organisational and personal concerns.

As a new way of thinking, it provides fresh ways of viewing problematic circumstances, generating innovative thinking and the production of effective strategies and practices.

Many times we have been asked what our secret is to creating deep and long lasting changes within our clients and client organisations. It might be, that our focus is not set on what our clients do, but who they want to Be…and their Way Of Being, as a manager, a doctor or a husband.

Whilst many of today’s known coaching styles derive from the psychology or leadership development, Ontological Coaching is grounded in the phenomenological and existential philosophy, the philosophy of language and the biology of learning, cognition and a broad application in an andragogical (adult learning and development of personality) context.

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