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Overcoming an Adaptive Challenge

Successful CEOs know that, to keep their companies growing, competence must be accompanied by a new consciousness

An adaptive challenge represents a set of problems – dilemmas that seemingly cannot be resolved, yet which must be resolved if one is to move up to the next level of performance.

It is necessary to adapt to the changing circumstances, to the increasing level of complexity, and dig deep to find the inner strength to overcome new challenges that have not been faced before.

What makes it difficult to deal with adaptive challenges is that, most often, you do not realise you are facing one; and even if you do, you do not have an adequate response because you are not prepared. Pratap is grabbing the bull by its horns and shows you how to prepare yourself in this month’s issue of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine.

Pratap Nambiar

Pratap Nambiar is the founder and Chairman of Thought Perfect Pte Ltd a Singapore based firm providing business performance coaching and mentoring services to CEOs. He brings with him over 35 years of international experience across all continents. A qualified professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation, and Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centric Coaching, he is widely known as a passionate catalyst for change in the lives of the people he works with. His deep commitment to enhancing the quality of his client’s business performance has helped numerous multinationals improve their leadership effectiveness. In this month’s issue of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine Pratap explains in detail what is needed to overcome an adaptive challenge. You can contact Pratap at:

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