So What Are Your Professional Coaching Standards?


As a professional coach with executive, business and sales clients, one of the first exercises I share with my clients is to have them write their own ethical standards. This exercise works in conjunction with understanding their purpose.

Standards are the non-negotiable behaviours they will demonstrate 24/7.  For some these are called business ethics or positive core values.

The International Coach Federation has clarified its own code of ethics with specific definitions and 28 standards of ethical behaviour. These standards are categorised within five key sections:

  1. Professional conduct at large as a coach
  2. Conflicts of interest
  3. Professional conduct with clients
  4. Confidentiality/Privacy
  5. Continuing development

There is also a pledge of ethics to be taken by all ICF coaches.  If this pledge is violated by the coach, the ICF has the responsibility to revoke the ICF membership of the coach.

Right now as a professional coach, can you state what your standards are?

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