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What Do You Really Think About Your Clients?


Many years ago when I was a new coach I learned a valuable lesson about my own capacity for trusting and respecting my clients.

A man in his late twenties came to me for coaching, and during our initial exploratory conversations told me that he did not have the money to pay my full rate. He explained his financial situation, openly sharing about his income and expenses, and went on to propose a rate that was approximately 30% below my fee. He very much wanted to work with me, and I with him, and so after some thought I accepted his offer.

It was during our fourth session that he told me he had a confession to make. Something was weighing on his conscience, and before we went further with our work he wanted to share it with me. He then said that when he had asked for a reduction in my fees, he had misled me as to the reason he wanted the discount. Even though his income and expenses were as he described them, he did have the funds to pay my full fee. The real reason he had kept this from me was because he wanted to use the money he would save to spend on prostitutes.

Here’s what happened then…

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