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By Lyn Christian


“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak.”  –Confucius

Metaphors such as this abound, and this one in particular expresses the power to bend but not break, to tip over and not stay down. Indeed, one of the critical components of self-efficacy is the capacity to bounce back. According to psychology expert Kendra Cherry, people who are able to keep their cool have what psychologists call resilience: the ability to cope and recover from challenges and change.

At SoulSalt, change and transformation are the grist for our mill–it’s our work. From a coaching perspective, when people are knee deep in a growth process, that is precisely when resilience is needed.

Accordingly, we, at SoulSalt, focus on shoring-up and strengthening resilience in our clients. This begins with fostering a strong personal foundation, and there are four initial constructs I employ. Read all about it in this month’s edition:

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