Mindfulness in the workplaceWhat are the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace?

Mindfulness-based interventions in organisations offer the potential to build individual and organizational resilience, engage employees and address workplace stress, which is why an increasing number of organizations is investing in mindfulness.

Available on 3rd MayMindfulness in the Workplace is a practical guide to how mindfulness can be used as a change management and organizational development strategy. It draws on examples from Capital One Finance, the NHS Mental Health Trust and other well-known organizations which have benefitted from it. The first-hand accounts cover the reasoning behind these initiatives, how they were planned, the barriers they faced, the lessons learned and their results.


51CPdFbeLUL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_How To Gain More Time During the Day: 11 Smart Entrepreneurs Share Insider Tips for Saving and Gaining More Time During Your Working Day (Kindle Edition)

A behind the scenes look at saving and gaining more time throughout your day. Delve into and follow these quick read tips, brought to you from smart entrepreneurs and business professionals. Get your copy at




large_9780749475499What is Systemic Coaching and Constellations?

In brief, it is coaching that prioritizes the system, helping clients become more aware of the systems in which they belong. It is a powerful and effective way of resolving inertia and embedded patterns. How, then, does one coach others in untying knots among the interconnected threads of personal, professional or organizational systems? This question, difficult even for coaches to answer let alone practice, is the subject of John Whittington’s new book.

In the new edition of Systemic Coaching and Constellations, Whittington provides an insightful but practical stepping-stone for coaches wanting to embrace a systemic approach in their practice. It offers a refreshingly uncomplicated path into the subject, demonstrating how this approach can deliver enduring benefits for clients. A step-by-step guide, it includes international case studies as well as a range of exercises for integrating the principles and practices into coaching. About the author: John Whittington is an individual and team coach with a broad portfolio of clients that includes entrepreneurs, executive leaders and public figures. He facilitates regular constellation workshops in corporate environments and leads a small teaching team who share the systemic coaching and constellations approach with other professional coaches internationally. The new edition of Systemic Coaching and Constellations (RRP: £29.99, ISBN: 9780749475499) is available from 3rd January 2016.


Coaching Wisdom

Coaching Wisdom

Essays, Ideas and Explorations on multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) Coaching. Sometimes you come across new research that is so exciting that you to want to shout it from the rooftops.
Since that isn’t very effective if you want to reach the global coaching community, Grant Soosalu graciously agreed to write a series of articles about mBIT coaching in the Worldwide Coaching
Magazine. Since these articles are so important, we decided to combine them, add new articles to it and make this available as ebook. I am convinced that the research presented in this e-book will trigger you to explore the new field of mBIT in its full depth.

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Triggers, by Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reiter

How Behavioural Change Begins, How to Make It Meaningful, How to Make It Last.

“Triggers are what shape our behaviour. Certain situations can provoke even the most rational among us into behaving differently – and in business, that can be fatal. The difference between success and failure is as simple – and as hard – as mastering triggers.”

Goldsmith does a remarkable job in describing the behaviours that so often in life trigger a reflexive reaction instead of a careful, considerate response. Get your copy on


Foreigner in ChargeForeigner-in-Charge by Padraig O’Sullivan

“Padraig is an excellent storyteller whose anecdotes bring practical meatiness to the bones of theory creating a text of substance and value. I commend him for his passion to focus on the often overlooked expatriate executive experience and recommend those who find themselves on the cusp of a business move to Australia to seek out Padraig and use well this book.” Marshall Goldsmith.  Get your copy here.

Marshall Goldsmith is the  Author of ‘What got you here won’t get you there’. Recognised as the #1 leadership thinker in the world and the #7 business thinker in the world at the bi-annual Thinkers 50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review.


Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray SuitsBe the red jacket in a sea of grey suits. By Leanne Hoagland-Smith

To win more sales means you must stand out in the overcrowded, highly competitive global marketplace.

You need to be the first one noticed so those potential customers are running up to you first, seeking you out, and shoving your competitors to the side. Mixing a practical and direct approach with personal stories and observations, Leanne Hoagland-Smith paints a simple while vivid picture of how sales people can literally be the Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits.

In this brilliant new book she hands you the keys that unlock doors that lead to increased sales, loyal customers, and a more fulfilled sales career. Get your copy here.



mBraining: Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff. By Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover the latest neuroscience findings about your multiple brains (head, heart and gut brains) and what they have to offer for increasing intuitive abilities and for immediately generating wiser decision-making in your daily life. Providing you with numerous practical and easy to learn methods, this book shows how to communicate with and tap into the innate intelligence of your multiple brains.

Utilizing the powerful and practical methodologies of NLP, Cognitive Linguistics and Behavioral Modeling, the authors have synthesized a remarkably wide range of research findings into an integrated approach that is practical, potent, and immediate in its results. Get your copy here.


Avoiding the Enemies to HAPPINESS

Avoiding the Enemies to Happiness By Grant Soosalu

Did you know… there are enemies to your happiness, enemies waiting to trip you up and destroy your joy and meaning in life? Some of them are obvious, but many are elusive and insidious. By learning about these enemies, their signs and symptoms, you can defeat and destroy them before they impact your day-to-day and long-term happiness.

What’s more, by learning how to build strengths and supportive patterns and habits in your life, you can transcend these enemies and create a life filled with deep joy, purpose and meaning — A life of happiness and the skills to enjoy and share it. Avoiding the Enemies to HAPPINESS is a practical ‘how to’ guide for avoiding the enemies and causes of unhappiness.  Get your copy here.


it's not about the coach

It’s Not About the Coach: Getting the Most From Coaching in Business, Sport and Life     By Stuart Haden

Coaching is a space between two or more people. It’s Not About the Coach is about inspiring coachees to make informed choices about coaching, discover their readiness for learning and develop the values required for success. In doing so coachees can achieve accelerated results in business, sport and life situations.

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neuroscience for coaches

Neuroscience for Coaches: How to Use the Latest Insights for the Benefit of Your Clients By Amy Brann

The world of coaching is competitive. Organizations want coaches who deliver results. Many coaching tools and techniques are now fairly well established — but how do they actually work? The coach who can answer this question credibly and convincingly is sought after.

Neuroscience for Coaches equips coaches with cutting edge neuroscience information that will help them deliver greater value to their clients. It covers the foundations that they need to be aware of and how they can use this new information effectively and practically in their everyday work. Including valuable tools and techniques to use with coaching clients, this book enables coaches to increase the ROI they deliver to their clients and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. Get your copy here.


You Coach Now!

Courses and tools for your coaching practice.

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The courses and tools offered here will help you develop your coaching skills. You will learn about the methods, techniques and theoretical underpinning that makes coaching the best way to achieve structural change in people’s lives.

You will learn to design your own coaching process and even develop your own coaching practice with state-of-the-art marketing and promotional activities.

These courses and tools are for you:

  • If you are interested in coaching and want to learn all about this emerging profession.
  • If you are a coach and need tools to develop and grow your practice.
  • If you want to become a better communicator, better manager, better friend by developing your coaching skills.

Have a look here: Coaching tools and courses.